Self-Care, Self-Discovery, and Self-Recovery

Anita Caprice created the TAPN2USM Self Recovery Game and share how this game helps us as leaders unearth or rediscover our authenticity.



In 2015, it started out as a game – a game to play with my grandchildren.  Something we could do to bond, get closer, have fun together, something to help them get to know who they are, to help steer, guide them.  A tool that can be used to help with answers to questions.  


It was also created to help us connect with ourselves and each other in a fun, safe, loving and carefree way.  To gain intrinsic Sight as to our purpose, passion, while understanding, loving and treasuring our uniqueness as we serve.  All the while elevating self trust.


It was my grandson who actually showed me how to play the game.  Goodness, is that saying so true “Out of the mouths of babes”.  


Developing this fun game, I had no idea what was in store for me.  I was about to venture on truly a recovery of assurance, acceptance, awareness – a continuum of Self Recovery.  Albeit on the road of Self Recovery, my soul (thought & emotion) was ready to travel down an inclusive path rich with soil, full of nutrients with the essence to nurture, learn, experience and grow.


It was after the creation of these cards (that I’ve since refer to as Universal), playing with my granbabies, and using them as a meditative tool, at the beautiful and tender age of 59, I recovered aspects of myself I wanted to keep, continue to think about or remove!  And oh, how I love learning to trust me more and more!


Using these cards as a daily reflection, a mantra during meditation, a focus in contemplation, a question in prayer, I began to be reintroduced to me, recover – the inside of me – the PrincessGodIs that IS me, that IS You.  


The enjoyment of these cards is unlimited and complements your imagination and creativity.  Here are a few 😊


To reconnect, recover those untapped attributes

For Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation and a guide to begin Gratitude Journaling

To have fun with Yourself and others

To recover just how AWESOME You are

To recognize sabotage thought and behavior

To assist with Manifesting Intentions

To spend time alone with a very important person – YOU

To recognize You are worthy, deserving, have what it takes, love and loved.

Enhance Communication

Get-To-Know Each Other

Relationship Builder

Conflict Resolution & Management (may use entire deck or select a card, i.e. “What makes me Smile”)

Share Intimate Dreams/Intentions with Your Partner

Family Game Night

It’s a fun way to take a Selfie on the inside and TAPN2U.  The Journey/Self Recovery is Beautiful and so are YOU – TAPN2U.


D8A950C1-91E6-4CCF-BF20-91DB8741DADCAnita Caprice is the Founder & Creative Director of Engai Poetry & Music Publishing/Academy.  Rev. Anita Caprice holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science.  She continues to reside, tithe her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan area.  Her TAPN2U philosophy (live LIFE from the Inside/out), by getting closer to yourSelf is to get closer to God.

Office: 1+313-605-8220




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