The Leadership Journey: Making Change and Achieving Goals

There are the formulas for goal achievement. I’ve read a thousand books and articles— ancient works, white papers, Harvard Business Review articles. I’ve sat through 100+ classes and seminars for degrees and credentialing. I have chopped it up with leadership colleagues and experts, and I have taught and mentored aspiring leaders to success. I distilledContinue reading “The Leadership Journey: Making Change and Achieving Goals”

My Sunday Social Media Gratitude List

I don’t know if Social Media Gratitude is a thing but I had an amazing week because of my social media network and needed to pause a recognize it! In fact let me hashtag it: #SocMediaGratitude. Here are a few highlights from my list: I acknowledge and am grateful for Lisa Medley for designing herContinue reading “My Sunday Social Media Gratitude List”

Women’s History Month Spotlight on Ntozake Shange

Her names is pronounced: EN-toh-ZAH-kee SHAHNG-gay; She lived October 18, 1948 – October 27, 2018. She was a Black feminist author. She was born Paulette Linda Williams in Trenton, New Jersey. When her family moved St. Louis and she attended a school for gifted children, Shange faced overt racism and harassment at school. These experienceContinue reading “Women’s History Month Spotlight on Ntozake Shange”