Embracing Inclusion

Embracing Inclusion is the EI (Emotional Intelligence) of Leadership for 2021. It consists of three principles. 1. Learn. 2. Practice. 3. Share. How do we bring these principles together? 1. We must learn about others. We must learn who they are and what are their experiences. 2. We must practice appreciation for who they are.Continue reading “Embracing Inclusion”

Blogging: My 2021 Commitment

I haven’t blogged much this year. However, I have written a lot. I wrote and published many posts and published articles and a book. I’ve made more than a few short entries that could have been posted as blogs, but I found that I lacked commitment and dedication to take those steps. I felt thatContinue reading “Blogging: My 2021 Commitment”

Your New Year’s Resolution Check-up

If you are beginning to doubt or need some strategies of encouragement and success for your New Year’s Resolution, read on.  This check-up is for you. New Year’s Resolutions can be intoxicating.  As we enter the second week of 2020, some of the glitz and glamor of our New Year’s resolutions is wearing off.  What we want toContinue reading “Your New Year’s Resolution Check-up”