In Pursuit of Dreams

Happy Mother’s Day! Our Guest blogger, Sharon Pizzuti, a career woman and mom, inspires us today as she shares how she is pursuing her dreams in local politics. Isn’t living your dream the best Mother’s Day gift possible?

In Pursuit of Dreams

I pursued yet another dream of public service  when I chose to run for City Council At Large in my hometown!

This journey is an affirmation of my youngest thoughts about living a life of service and placing others before self. I’m only able to make this extraordinary commitment to others by spiritual strength and a firm belief in always doing what is right no matter what. I know in my heart that every voice and every opinion is valuable. I intend to make a positive impact that contributes to and catapults existing movements of unification through public service in my city and my country! I have found a way to lift others and my own family through serving others and I intend to give this campaign my level best knowing the blessings are often in the process and the path – not always in the end result!

To prepare for the pursuit of dreams: Get quiet and get in tune with where your heart is.  Find a path that fits with the direction you know to be true for you.  And go!

Happy Mother’s Day.

0D8322BF-ABB2-46E0-BD2B-275D947F00C1Bio: Sharon served 13 years in child support for Southeast Michigan Circuit Courts. For 17 years she has been a consultant for federal, state and local human service agencies and courts. She is a married mom of two girls, ages 10 & 16, and she volunteers regularly for human service organizations, schools, church, and at local skate & swim clubs.


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