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Our Mission

Inspiring Minds makes a difference by providing leadership and organizational training for firms and organizations that want engaged employees and productive work environments.

Inspiring Minds trains leaders and offers group coaching to build highly functional teams. By focusing on conflict resolution training, Inspiring Minds helps leaders and team members face and resolve issues in a peaceful, productive manner.


Executives and managers can benefit from working with Inspiring Minds to tackle challenging issues and increasing effectiveness.

Inspiring Minds provides training, developing, and coaching to leaders by directing Leadership Academies to conducting webinars and helps leaders understand and leverage their strengths as well as add new leadership skills to their repertoire.

Meet Zenell Brown

“Having the conversations to inspire minds and transform lives and organizations” – ZB

Zenell Brown, the principal of Inspiring Minds, Inc. trains, facilitates, and coaches in the areas organizational diversity, dispute resolution, and communication. As a lawyer, mediator, speaker, and novice artist, she brings an eclectic blend of best practices and lessons learned along with vision board and other creative experiences to her seminars, workshops, and keynotes.

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Coffee and Conversations: Inclusion and Belonging

Coffee and Conversations: Inclusion and Belonging is a guide to getting beyond the racial and economic chasm that has separated humans for far too long. Author, Zenell Brown suggests we put down the protest signs, stop marching, and just sit down with a cup of coffee and have an honest conversation while following her guidelines that lead to genuine change.

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  • Celebrating Firsts In the Judiciary Advances Diversity And Inclusion

    January 22, 2022 by

    I love celebrating firsts!!! And since My Thing is Courts, I love to see when color, gender, and other diversity barriers are broken in judgeships, firm partnerships, and court leadership. That is when we as a Country are living out our promise of Justice for all! Celebrating Firsts in the judiciary advances diversity, equity, inclusion,… Read more

  • “Making D&I Real”

    November 4, 2021 by

    “Making D&I Real” is a repost of a Court Leader blog created by my court leader colleague and friend Norman Meyer. I was honored to co-present with Norman on D&I and we invite you to our virtual session. Making D&I Real: Last summer, NACM supplemented its annual conference education program with a set of recorded… Read more

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“Zenell Brown is uniquely talented in administration, consulting, and training.  I have been privileged to have her lecture in my divorce mediation training both in person and in videotaped lectures for my online training.  Her contributions are both broad and deep. She has lectured on Never-married parents and mediation; Court mediation; and Diversity and Inclusion in mediation.  I have also had the pleasure of co-presenting with Zenell at several Advanced Mediation programs. She always brings a fresh perspective and a well-prepared, professional, in-depth presentation.  I look forward to many more of her presentations!”

Zena D. Zumeta, Mediator and Trainer
Ann Arbor, MI
September, 2019

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