Breaking Away

Thank you Julia Cameron for Artist Dates, morning pages, and introducing me to my inner-critic “Ms. P”, Ms. Prissy Perfection.   Just like you promised, my inner-critic is an expert on all things and speaks exclusively to me. And thank you Shonda Rhimes for sharing what a year of saying yes looks likes.   I am indebted to the tools you both shared for laying the foundation for breaking away: leaving the familiar and routines and exploring what calls you, inspires you, or frightens you.

So here’s how the Breaking Away script went for me:

Jan, my trusted former assistant and work buddy: “Let’s do a weekend at my cottage.”

Me: Silent and hesitant.

Ms. P:   Speaks in hushed tones to only me.  “It does have inside plumbing.  Have there been any sightings of Jason, Chuckie, or Freddy? And, we don’t like road trips!”

Jan: “Alisa is all in too.” (Alisa is also a great work buddy and colleague.)

Me:  “Hmm. Okay.”

Sorry Shonda, I don’t give a resounding yes.  I give a reluctant one.  And I only get to yes because I like Jan and Alisa and I appreciate that we have been working hard on strategic plans, building renovations, and new building plans.   We need a break.

On the trip up, I follow Ms. P’s suggestions and remind the duo I don’t like road trips, I get car sick, and that we need to avoid scenic, secluded trails unless we carry a knife.

Once we arrive,  they leave the doors unlock, speed in the golf cart down the road, and debate the value of an 18 hour bra. 

Even in calm moments as we sit on the patio with our feet propped up and playing with our electronic pacifiers, they are unpredictable.  These lunatics look up from their cell phones and say, “Zen. Start a blog.”  Just like that, “Zen. Start a blog.”

Me: Silent, confused, and paralyzed.

Ms. P: Exasperated, speaks firmly to me. “We don’t have time! I hate proofing your writing. You have too many typos, fragments, and misspellings. Who knows what horrors lurk in the pages of a blog?”

Jan and Alisa:  Speak but sound like background noise. “You have a great Facebook group.  Great delivery of the Crucial Conversation workshop…You’re really good at the vision board.. you mentor so many professional young women…you’re always creating…”

Internally, something insides me snaps. Cracks. Breaks.  

So at 4 am on Sunday morning,I still fear the  unknown and encountered a myriad of technology challenges and it’s here:  Coach2Zen.  (There is one more proof by Ms. P prior to publishing.)

Welcome, to imperfect, authentic conversations that inspire minds and transform individuals and organizations. 

What are you breaking away from today?  You’re only one yes away.


Published by Coach2Zen

Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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