Inspiring Minds makes a difference by providing leadership and organizational trainings for firms and organizations that want engaged employees and inclusive, highly productive work environments. Inspiring Minds is for firms and teams that desire to make a difference in their industries. 

Diversity Training that provides tools for creating everyday inclusion is what moves organizations forward with hiring and retaining diverse talent, gaining diverse clients, and creating an inclusive work environments. Organizations are learning that diversity and inclusion means more than publishing an aspirational statement. Managers and employees need tools that make inclusion a part of their everyday routine. They need tools to create and navigate diverse work settings more effectively. Clients are expecting that companies practice cultural competency and humility.

Inspiring Minds offers that level of training where participants are able to say the training was insightful and eye-opening, AND to put the principles in practice in their everyday lives.

A diversity statement was a good start, but the people in your organizations need the tools to overcome barriers, manage, and communicate. Book a group training session with Inspiring Minds for your team today.

Inspiring Minds provides training, developing, and coaching to leaders by directing Leadership Academies to conducting webinars and helps leaders understand and leverage their strengths as well as add new leadership skills to their repertoire. Drawing upon current research findings, Inspiring Minds helps leaders strengthen skills (especially those needed for the future), improve social and emotional intelligence, and develop strong networks.

Inspiring Minds uses a proven, inclusive and engaging approach that helps organizations develop an inspirational vision for the future. In Strategic Planning, the organization will:

  • establish long-range goals
  • develop comprehensive strategies and projects
  • identify milestones and measures
  • cultivate employee commitment

Inspiring Minds helps leaders think and act strategically, execute on strategies, and engage employees in making changes, improving organizational performance, and achieving desired results.

Executives and managers can benefit from working with Inspiring Minds to tackle challenging issues and increasing effectiveness. Drawing upon a sound understanding of organizational psychology and organizational behavior, Inspiring Minds’ insight and assistance will help you calm the chaos, reduce the overwhelm, develop laser focus, and achieve your goals.

We would love to invite you to a conversation to see how I can best support you in transforming into the best version of yourself.

Let’s build something together.

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