Back In Session

School is back in session, and I am back from my blog break. My focus for next 12 months: I will share a monthly blog, I will continue to share the space with guest bloggers, and I will continue to seek ways to make a positive impact in my areas—leadership and administration.

Welcome back and please share this blog with your friends and colleagues and see the other ways to connect for leadership inspiration.

This week I have the honor of speaking to a class of college students preparing for internship. We will discuss multigenerational work environments, workplace rules on dress code and social media, and life balance. One of the key take-a-ways for the students is the tips for workplace success and it is applicable to all ages and all stages. Take a look!

7 Tips for Being Successful In the Workplace

1 Build positive relationships and communities. Find mentors and sponsors. Attend professional development.

2 Be authentic.

3 Be Inclusive. See YouTube video “Inclusion Begins with ‘I’ as a reminder.”

4 Be respectful of the work rules and discuss relevant change.

5 Resolve Conflicts. Have the difficult conversations. Share your facts, tell your story, ask an open ended question, and listen for the other perspective. Resources: Mediation training, Vital Smarts Crucial Conversation training and tools, and Restorative Practice training.

6 Be prepared and on time.

7 Practice Self-care and Life balance. Schedule 1 hr weekly and something big at least annually. Practice Ideas: Vision Board, bullet journaling, and Artist Dates.

As a bonus, I also suggest the following good books.

Top Books for Work and Life Success

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown and Choice Theory by Dr. William Glasser as people, especially busy attorneys, search for life balance.

How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker, and the Little Black Book of Success by Elaine Brown, Rhonda McClean and Marsha Haygood for leaders who are interested in their success as well as the success of other leaders.

So what are your thoughts on these materials? And, how was your summer?

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Summer Break

I loved when school was officially closed for the summer.  The Summer Break was time to not think about academic but to concentrate on fun.  Most of it was unstructured and could begin after the household chores were complete.

I declared a summer break of that proportion to the degree possible from July 12, 2019.  So, there will be work but I will leave before the sunsets and enjoy the evenings and weekends.  Vacations, birthday cookouts, and painting.  I will find my way to some conferences so work even has more relaxed approach.  I will be on break from blogging but will collect memories and notes so I’m fresh for the fall.

I hope you too take a long stretch during the summer.  Prioritize downtime and creativity.  This is a season to to soak in rays, and share a glass of lemonade with neighbors and friends.  Cheers to summer and see you again in fall.


Downtown in Summertime

The Evolution is Here and Now!

The Evolution is here and now!  Experts indicate we are entering an industrial evolution. 1A981C58-AE8D-4E43-84E5-7648080E259F.png The challenge is to prepare and engage.

Leaders realize the need to stay current with changing global dynamics for organizations to succeed and thrive.  Work expectations and customer expectations continue to evolve and leaders must build a platform that embraces change.  The Evolution Is Now!

Leaders may need to change business strategies but business need a strong foundation of providing value and have a business pillars that embrace change and withstand time.

3 Solid Pillars On Which to Build A Culture That Embraces Change

  1. Leadership Development:  leadership development helps leaders stay sharp.  Leaders invest in themselves and their teams.
  1. Diversity and Inclusion Competency.  The demographics of the world is changing quickly.  Organizations’ employees and customers/clients come from diverse backgrounds and represent diverse communities.  Respect is non-negotiable so organizations and their leaders must know how to create a space that values and respect differences.   
  1. Effective Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution Skills: leaders and staff need tools to have difficult conversations and to resolve issues.   Communication failures and persisting conflicts destroy business.

Leaders invest time, talents, and treasures to build organizations that last.  So, invest wisely for The Evolution.

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As always, I invite you to leave a comment or insight.

Everything Ain’t For Everybody

I’m finishing  “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma.  The premise is “Own your morning.  Elevate Your Life.” A 5AM wake up with a vigorous workout, and then time for creation and reflection is an outline to becoming a Legendary Leader.

I choose to modify my 6 AM wake up to 5:30 AM  rise and shine time.

Why not 5 AM?  Sometimes old folks’ wisdom prevails: “Everything ain’t for everybody.”

8FCB5B7E-706D-451B-AE37-C99ACB18C9C5(My Zen Morning Vision Board circa 2015)

I love my morning routine; it serves me.  I respect all those who get up 5 AM and get their workout in. I have even lived that life previously.  Although I realized some great benefits, I never realized peace and joy like I do now.  I can adjust to an earlier 30 minute rise and will use that additional time to create.

As Leaders, we lead best when we experience peace and joy and lead from that place.  There is no one time fits all.  We must choose what works for us.  Once we rise, we need physical, mental, and spiritual time to set the compass for the day.

The 5 AM Club provides a great outline that will work for many to become legendary leaders.   It’s an outline.  The Billionaire even alludes to this when ask if a person only needs to rise at 5 AM five days each week.  Remember, there is a lot of great information about leadership available, but the greatest and best information is knowing who we are individually as an authentic leader and selecting the tools that best serve us in that capacity.

I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment.

Owning Our Mornings

I’ve shared snippets of my morning rituals in prior blogs.

I am enjoying a read titled The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma.  It reinforces the importance of rising early and morning rituals to set the tone for the day.

One of the main characters, The Billionaire  often repeats, “Own your morning.  Elevate your life.”  He reveals this is the secret to his success and the pathway for the most effective leaders.

While my coffee in bed, mediation, journaling, and positive affirmations feed my soul and allow me to power up for the day, each person should rise early and practice their individual self-expression that leads to the feelings of ownership.  Ownership is the confidence and certainty needed to begin the day and to handle whatever it has in store like a champ!

For the past 5 months, Jeannette’s morning began with a 5:30 rising and a swim at the local Y.  Today, she will complete her first triathlon.  I applaud her and cheer her to victory.  She owned her morning, and she will own that competition.

I don’t know what  specific advice The Billionaire has in store for me, but I wait to adopt or adapt to feel even more charged to face whatever challenges await me outside the door.  I invite you to join me and read The 5 AM Club as we continue to seek as leaders to own our mornings  and elevate our lives.643E7F5F-C075-4F36-A074-2787FCEEBFBB

“Elevate” View of New York  from the Empire State Building (2018)