Your New Year’s Resolution Check-up

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If you are beginning to doubt or need some strategies of encouragement and success for your New Year’s Resolution, read on.  This check-up is for you.

New Year’s Resolutions can be intoxicating.  As we enter the second week of 2020, some of the glitz and glamor of our New Year’s resolutions is wearing off.  What we want to accomplish is going to take effort, perseverance, and repeating small behavior changes over and over.  

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But, we can do it!  

Remind yourself why you made your resolution. If  your resolution is  just something that you felt you should do, you won’t feel inspired to do it.  You chose a self-imposed punishment.  Forgive yourself, show yourself some self-love, and change your resolution to something that inspires you.  Then design your environment to support your success.  Atomic Habits by James Clear is a quick read to give you clarity. 

Call a friend and ask for support.  Call that one person who gets you and bear your soul:  “I need help!  Can you help lift me up and help put me back on my path?”  Real friends are there for you.  

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Enlist an accomplice who has a similar resolution and use the synergy of two to keep up the motivation and momentum.  Check out and find where like-minded individuals are hanging out.  Create a group if one doesn’t exist.  It feels good and renewing to be in the presence of kindred spirits. 

Hire a coach or trainer who has walked the path.  Find someone who has fallen a few times on the journey.  They know want it feels like to face doubt and rebound from setbacks.  If a trainer or coach tells you that what you want can be done in three easy steps, they may not be the right trainer or coach for you if you are struggling.  Search Google or ask others for referrals and then interview and find the teacher/coach for you.

Finally share your story.  It helps you and those who are listening.  Here’s mine:

I’m on the “Love My Body” Tour this year.  It is my creation—12 months of building exercising and nutrition (eating and taking my supplement) habits for my life now that I’m over 50. I’ve stashed my supplements all over —home, office and car—so I can’t forget them.  I carry around my Back to Eden book and share its wisdom.  I have combined listening to my audio books and online courses with three weekly elliptical workouts.   I’m carrying  plain or lemon water whenever I go so I can stay hydrated and not carbonated. To add in accountability and my love for learning, I enrolled in a free course on well-being taught by Yale professor Laurie Santos. I want to “Love My Body” because I need and depend on my body.  Without my health, my living and life are   compromised.  I’m not asking for a size 5 or the ability to complete an Iron Woman.  I want to continue an active life a clean bill of health. I don’t want to know the names of all the fancy medicines and all of their side-effects like sudden death. My vision is to be vibrant and active at 95!  With that vision and purpose, I’ve redesigned my environment making the “Love My Body” Tour easy, accessible, satisfying, and enjoyable. It’s only the second week, but I give the “Love My Body” Tour a standing ovation.  

Keep going on your resolutions.  It’s week two. It’s time to re-examine your resolutions and readjust if needed.  Check in and see what you need to keep moving ahead in this New Year to a New You!

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Cheers to The New You

A New Year brings resolutions, goals, and intentions.  At the dawn of this new decade, we feel the urge and nudge to shift, change, or transform who we are.  

A New You

The Possibilities of You Are Infinite.  

Our identity is a series of thoughts, choices, and actions that we select.   

The foundation of those thoughts, choices, and actions are our values and beliefs.  We choose what reflects our beliefs about ourselves and others.     We automatically live into those beliefs of who we are and they are.  If we change our thoughts, choices, and actions, we change our ourselves. We change our identities. We become new.

In 2020, who will you be?  How can you become the person you truly want to be?   

Declare Your New Identity

🥂Declare Who You Are. “I am _____.” Fill in the blank, reflecting the highest good for you and others.

In 2020, I am self-expression. I’m committed to bringing my whole self into my work —writing, teaching and other platforms. So, you get the J.D. and the Creative. I feel complete, and welcome, support, and inspire others.

🥂Each morning wake up and affirm who you are with conviction. “ I am ______.”  It’s like a new soap and deodorant to wash away and ward off all the funkiness of the world. Your affirmation awakens you to the New You!

Live into Your New Identity

🥂Consistently, remind yourself.  

Get your t-shirt, mug, stationery, personalized crest/logo, or other items that you will strategically place and use multiple times each day.  I await the arrival of my “Inspiring Minds” t-shirts and lens wipes. I plan to keep my mind focused on who I am and what I’m up to in 2020.

Fill out a package of post-it note: write “I am _____” on at least 8 post-it notes a day and post them openly and obviously. 

You are triggering your imagination and creating new neuro-paths and patterns in your brain with the writing, posting, and affirming.  You are creating and imprinting a new belief about who you are.

🥂Find your new community. Connect with like minded people who are living into the similar affirmation. They will see your notes and reminders.  They will get you.  The New You will no longer fit in old, comfortable, stagnant relationships. Those relationships will feel like an emotional girdle.

In your new community, you will meet novices and wise avatars; you will find encouragement, guidance, and accountability.  This community will feel like home to your soul.  

During the holiday season, my community showered me with coffee dates, paints, journals, inspiring pictures, comfy slippers, and a gong. I even received my personalized meditation composition “ Zen D”; it was composed to resonate with my speaking tones and vibrations. “Simply, be the energy you want to attract,“ says the TapN2U Doctor, Dr. Anita Caprice.

The books, virtual networks and groups, master classes, and YouTube videos abound and are community building resources. Check out Oprah Winfrey, Rhonda Byrne, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, and Jack Boland books and teachings as well as some local treasures. In the past year, I’ve connected with national speakers, film producers, and I plan on meeting more folks as I travel for conferences.

🥂Celebrate the New You. The most powerful celebration is acknowledging your daily success. Each evening affirm: “I am________” and write the actions you took that aligned with your affirmation. Your small consistent successes will create the last transformative habits that will sustain your new identity.

Facing Challenges

Declaring and affirming a new identity does not obliterate challenges. However, it does offer you a new approach to handle challenges. When you are facing a challenge, remind yourself, “I am________, “ and address the challenge from the perspective of that person.  

For example, “I am self-expression” doesn’t get to opt for comfort and silence before intimidating audiences. There are important topics —leadership, inclusion, and conflict resolution. She puts pen to paper, and she opens her mouth. The words and passion will find their audiences.

Similarly, when “I am abundant and prosperous“ gets an unexpected bill, she begins to list resources — current income, things of values that are no longer used that could be cosigned, and other ways to generate additional income. “I am abundant and prosperous“ has a long term plan for wealth and creates a budget, a savings plan, and a debt reduction plan. “I am abundant and prosperous“ does not store bills in the kitchen drawer hoping they will evaporate.

You get the picture. Your New You acts in powerful ways when faced with adversity. “If things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew, just go right along and you’ll start happening too,” Dr. Seuss predicted. To face challenges, stay committed and act in ways that align with your new identity.

Cheers to The New You

🥂Here’s to new beginnings. There’s something different. There’s something new about you and it’s beautiful! Happy New Year, Happy New Decade, Happy New You! Cheers to The New You!

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Preparing for the New Year, New Decade, New You

Let’s prepare for a new year, new decade, and new You.   First, let’s get rid of the clutter and create the space for the new beginnings.

I’ve been shredding old documents.  Anything older than a year must go.  Old business cards—tossed.  I have one bag left of documents to tackle.  

I’ve cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer.  I’ve discovered and stacked the 25 plus Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. Tomorrow I will shop a shopping date tomorrow with my daughter for her new apartment. 

I’m cleaning my closet today and dropping donations off again this weekend.   Too small, too big, and “I just don’t love you“ items are being bagged.

But I’m having a hard time letting go of books.  Books are my weakness.  They require ceremonious good byes. I will bring them to my 2020 leadership training events and offer them to attendees.  Some are written by people near and dear to me so this will be a passing down and sharing of wisdom.  This is the only way my psyche can handle departing with them. I must know first-hand that they are going to good homes with loving and caring people.

The count down is on and I’m so excited. And thinking of all the opportunities and all I can be in 2020. I’m making my list of intentions and refining them over the next four days.

So how about you? How are you winding down 2019 and creating the space for the new decade, new year, new You?

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In 2020, good things await but we must prepare and make room to receive them.  No clutter.  No baggage.  We need the space.  

The 2019 Finish Line

We are 10 days away from the finish line, the closing of another year.  Greater yet, on December 31, 2019 we will say goodbye to another decade.  Before we cross that finish line, let’s take a reflection break. 

Set aside 30 minutes.  I’ll  prompt you with questions  about the last 10 years of being you.  You jot down the answers. Set your timer. 

The Questions

What are you most proud of?  

What was your most memorable experience?

What hasn’t changed about you in the past 10 years? 

What was your greatest lesson of this decade?

My Answers:

I’ll share my answers and I even found a few pictures to add to story. 

Q.  What are you most proud of?

A.  I love this stage of my life—empty nesting, my relationships and communities, my career, and my opportunities to provide leadership and team development trainings.

Q.  What was your most memorable experience?

A.  Paris, New York, Naples, Chicago, and LA.  Traveling and seeing new places.

Eiffel Tower

Q.  What hasn’t changed about you in the past 10 years?

A.  I still love alone time.  I love to read and write. I still struggle making the right food and exercise choices.  I need a life hack for that.

Q.  What was your greatest lesson of this decade?  

A.  If it’s not fun, don’t do it.  Fun and enjoyment belong in every aspect of my life. If I can’t laugh and smile, it simply is not worth it.  

Hanging out with Fearless Girl in NY
Fun at the Michigan Hall of Justice

Q.  What 3 words personally define the last decade for you? 

A.  Learning, Listening, and Teaching.  I earned additional credentials, hired personal coaches for physical health and career, and launched my leadership speaking and training platforms.

Now, I’m ready to cross the finish line of 2019.  See you in 2020 for the Victory Dance!

Thank You

Thank You

Thank you. I acknowledge you and am grateful that you share your listening with me.  The impact it has had on me is that it affirms who I wish to be in the world— the possibility of inspiration and leadership.  I endeavor to inspire you to believe in your dreams and create a life that matters most to you. 

Thank your comments and sharing. Thank you for invites to share my message and lessons on leadership, inclusion, well-being, and creativity.
Lord Alfred Tennyson said, “I am a part of all I have met.” And, I am grateful that I have met you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving today to you and your family, and thank you always for your support and encouragement.

Zenell B. Brown

Inspiring Minds