The 2019 Finish Line

We are 10 days away from the finish line, the closing of another year.  Greater yet, on December 31, 2019 we will say goodbye to another decade.  Before we cross that finish line, let’s take a reflection break. 

Set aside 30 minutes.  I’ll  prompt you with questions  about the last 10 years of being you.  You jot down the answers. Set your timer. 

The Questions

What are you most proud of?  

What was your most memorable experience?

What hasn’t changed about you in the past 10 years? 

What was your greatest lesson of this decade?

My Answers:

I’ll share my answers and I even found a few pictures to add to story. 

Q.  What are you most proud of?

A.  I love this stage of my life—empty nesting, my relationships and communities, my career, and my opportunities to provide leadership and team development trainings.

Q.  What was your most memorable experience?

A.  Paris, New York, Naples, Chicago, and LA.  Traveling and seeing new places.

Eiffel Tower

Q.  What hasn’t changed about you in the past 10 years?

A.  I still love alone time.  I love to read and write. I still struggle making the right food and exercise choices.  I need a life hack for that.

Q.  What was your greatest lesson of this decade?  

A.  If it’s not fun, don’t do it.  Fun and enjoyment belong in every aspect of my life. If I can’t laugh and smile, it simply is not worth it.  

Hanging out with Fearless Girl in NY
Fun at the Michigan Hall of Justice

Q.  What 3 words personally define the last decade for you? 

A.  Learning, Listening, and Teaching.  I earned additional credentials, hired personal coaches for physical health and career, and launched my leadership speaking and training platforms.

Now, I’m ready to cross the finish line of 2019.  See you in 2020 for the Victory Dance!

Thank You

Thank You

Thank you. I acknowledge you and am grateful that you share your listening with me.  The impact it has had on me is that it affirms who I wish to be in the world— the possibility of inspiration and leadership.  I endeavor to inspire you to believe in your dreams and create a life that matters most to you. 

Thank your comments and sharing. Thank you for invites to share my message and lessons on leadership, inclusion, well-being, and creativity.
Lord Alfred Tennyson said, “I am a part of all I have met.” And, I am grateful that I have met you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving today to you and your family, and thank you always for your support and encouragement.

Zenell B. Brown

Inspiring Minds

Kids Table At Thanksgiving?

As I begin to think about the turkey and dressing, I began to wonder about the number of families who really do prefer pumpkin over sweet potato pie and how many have a designated kids’ tables their Thanksgiving gatherings.

The Kids Table

The kids table is where the children are assigned to eat. Usually, the linens, best china, silverware, and stemware are absent. The place setting are paper, plastic, and styrofoam.

The existence of the Kids’ tables may be justified as children are developing their small motor skills. During that development time, they are better at handling styrofoam cups as opposed to the waterford steamware. But in many situations, the beliefs we hold and how we act based on age are not warranted.

Limiting Beliefs on Age

Ageism is the ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are biased against persons or groups because of their older age.

Adult-centrism is exaggerate egocentrism of adults; the adult perspective is inherently right or better. So the opinions of those who are not adults or are young adults are not valued.

We live in an ageist and adult-centric society. If you want to test you implicit bias on ageism, check out the Harvard Implicit Association Test. Find out if you associate old with strong or feeble. If you want to know how adult-centric you are, ask someone in your household under 25 years old.

Here are some terms to avoid when describing young and older adults:


New kid

Whipper Snappers

Wet behind the ears

Baby accountants, Baby accountants, Baby….



Over the hill


Bag lady

Silver tsunami

Senior moment

We say that age is nothing but a number. Bu if we ignore or devalue someone’s opinion because of age, make assumptions about a person’s capabilities or knowledge based on age, we are condemning and judging a person because of their age. Even when we are well intentioned, we can still be hurtful. Isn’t time for us to check our blindspot and question our beliefs, assumptions, and actions?

Let’s rethink the kids table this year and consider having sweet potato and pumpkin pie. There can never be too much pie.

Let’s get pie.

An Idea to Still Create The Life You Want for 2019

At the start of 2019, what promises did you make to yourself?

What life did you plan on creating?

Were you going to change your health, wealth, or career?

How well did you do?

Was is unbelievably easy? If so, Congratulations! And share some pointers.

Or did the motivation wane and something knock you off your square?

I didn’t reach all my goals. Nutrition and health have been my on and off 2019 roller coaster ride. Wrong food choices, no exercise, late night snack—all of these derailed me. I know better but that’s not the same as doing better. If you are like me and fell short on some 2019 goals or resolutions, before you smack yourself —remember today is a new day. There are 51 days to lay a foundation and a pathway to our goals and resolutions before the year ends.

It’s not too late to create the life we want for 2019. Let’s S.M.A.C. and hack ourselves instead.

A S.M.A.C. is a small, specific, measurable, attainable, consistent activity that brings your actions and your word into alignment. Your repeated actions —S.M.A.C.s—move you forward to your 2019 goals and resolution. S.M.A.C.s mean you are in action of doing better with a mindset of being better.

So for the next 50 days, immerse yourself in small things to be and do better: affirmations, visioning, experiential artist dates, prayer and faith based exercises, professional coaching, training, journaling, professional therapy, growth-mind set exercising, small atomic habit practices, yoga, meditation, behavior and diet detox, 30 day challenges, accountability partners . . .

Select a strategy that allows you start where you are right now stress-free. Design a small, specific, measurable, attainable, consistent activity fits your need, and your style and willingness right now. Block out the time on your calendar for your mind set and activity.

Last month I accepted 30 day clean eating challenge, I walked away may be 15.9 ounces lighter, but I eliminated caffeine and started taking my daily vitamins. These are small wins and I’m getting closer to my goal if being and living heathy. This month I re-upped my monthly yoga subscription and my sauna visits. I plan to make my way to the studio or sauna at least once weekly.

What makes the S.M.A.C.s effectiveness is designing my own life hacks. Life hacks are strategies adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in more efficient and easy ways.

I stash vitamins in my purse, car, and desk eliminating any excuse not to take them. My yoga mat and clothes are in the car and I have a 7pm class. With that handled, I can continue to enjoy staying at work a little later by myself, not fight the evening traffic to make a 6 o’clock class, and stop on my way home.

Well designed life hacks also increased benefits. Yoga and saunas naturally increase your desire to drink water. Because of the time of my yoga class and the relaxed state of mind when I leave, a simple salad or soup meal works. In the sauna, I can even create my blogs.

Don’t Forget The Rewards.

A well designed hack also has rewards. We love gold stars for a job well done. Small, immediate, personalized rewards will give you motivation and gratification. The reward must not undermine or detract from your good work. A bag of large chips after each workout is not a good reward for those pursuing health and nutrition. My go to rewards are socks and books.

So now you have an idea of how to still create the life you wanted for 2019. How about it? We are living the 314th day of 2019. How will you S.M.A.C. and hack and create the life you want?

My books for keeping my commitments to myself

Talk to Yourself

If you are stuck and not achieving your 2019 goals ask yourself: “Is the Ego or Intuition driving my internal dialogue?”

The neuroscience shows the Ego drives most of human dialogue as we are wired for survival.  Survival means keeping us safe and sound.  And that’s it —a base existence.

Survival is like having a black and white television and having to move the antenna around to even get a clear picture.

If you have a black white picture, I bet you are yearning for a colored, high definition one. I bet there is even an urge to not just watch beautiful colors but to experience them first-hand.

For me, reading about and seeing the Eiffel tour and the Fearless Girl statute just weren’t enough.  I needed to touch and feel them.  So, I did.

The secret to success was to switch my internal dialogue.

How to talk to yourself:

📌Thank the Ego.

Thank the Ego for making sure you have gotten to today safe and sound.

📌Inform the Ego.

Let you Ego know that you need the other partner Intuition to take the lead.

📌Assure the Ego.

Intuition respects the work Ego has done, will preserve it and build upon it.  The Ego can then let go and let the Intuition get in the driver’s seat.

Now shift your focus, and ask and answer the questions from your Intuition.   Let’s make it easy and just ask yourself: “What goal matters most to me?  What would I do to achieve it if I knew I could not fail?  What will be the impact on me and others when I achieve this goal?”

📌Commit to finishing at least one outstanding 2019 goal.

📌Then take one action that aligns with your answer. Then another.   Repeat each day, finding and completing 1-3 tasks.

📌Be Deliberate and Intentional.  Be enthusiastic.

When enthusiasm wanes, ask your intuition questions again and  just keep your commitment, your word, your promise.  Complete your daily tasks.

There are 94 days left this year.  You still have time to hone in, focus, and achieve 2019 goals.

Be bold and post your responses in the comments.  My 2019 goal is to inspire people to live their lives fully.  Post your goal and I will cheer you on to success.  Encouragement is free!

I look forward to hearing from you and celebrating your success!