Leaders Say “Yes!”

Today I had the pleasure of celebrating Father’s Day for the second year in the row with Jeff Collins and Dr. James Collins. Jeff and I had similar work responsibilities  while he served as the Deputy County Executive for Wayne County.  His dad, Dr. Collins, is 93 years old ironically was my husband’s pediatrician. TheContinue reading “Leaders Say “Yes!””

Act 2: To Retire or Not To Retire

Our guest blogger today is Jan Hiller.    Welcome her and enjoy her story as she writes on retirement dilemma. ~”To be or not to be.” Shakespeare ~“To retire or not to retire”- approximately 10,000 workers in the USA each day Let’s see. Late nights. No alarm. Sleeping in. Lounging around the house in comfy cloths.Continue reading “Act 2: To Retire or Not To Retire”

Two Hopes for Memorial Day

Leaders, I am hoping that you do two things this Memorial Day Weekend: That you take a moment of silence in remembrance of those who served to protect our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice. That you find something to smile about.  Smiling is the easiest, most obvious, attractive, and satisfying habit you can practiceContinue reading “Two Hopes for Memorial Day”

Self-Care, Self-Discovery, and Self-Recovery

Anita Caprice created the TAPN2USM Self Recovery Game and share how this game helps us as leaders unearth or rediscover our authenticity.   In 2015, it started out as a game – a game to play with my grandchildren.  Something we could do to bond, get closer, have fun together, something to help them getContinue reading “Self-Care, Self-Discovery, and Self-Recovery”