Week 14 Inclusion Idea: Boomers, Listen

Obviously, Boomers do not see the world as Gen Z does. Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to present and interact with a group of 10-12th graders. I opened and closed giving Gen Z loving and well intentioned life advice from Boomers. Although I had not directly asked what advice they had from Boomers, IContinue reading “Week 14 Inclusion Idea: Boomers, Listen”

Week 13 Inclusion Idea: Conversation Opportunities

How many times did diversity topics come up in your conversations this week? Were there missed opportunities? On Tuesday, July 22 I received a email from an organization with the subject line “Eid Al-Adha Mubarak”. The text read “ May your day be full of happiness and love.” I supported a day filled with happinessContinue reading “Week 13 Inclusion Idea: Conversation Opportunities”

Week 12 Inclusion Idea: Dealing With Stereotypes

I am a stereotypical African-American middle aged, Christian, menopausal, urban born and raised, woman with 4C hair named Zenell. Any broader stereotypical description does not fit as well. In fact, they are uncomfortable as shoes that are too big. Who I really am gets lost in them. Who I am is the intersectionality of allContinue reading “Week 12 Inclusion Idea: Dealing With Stereotypes”

Week 11 Inclusion Idea: Self-care

“The sister wonders if the brother knows what Harriet Tubman did between taking souls to the Promised Land?” Angela Bassett’s character, Betty Shabazz asks upon meeting the up and coming Malcolm X. “What?” says Malcolm. “She ate.” Self-care is so important for those who are training, teaching, and guiding others. DEI work can be allContinue reading “Week 11 Inclusion Idea: Self-care”