Your New Year’s Resolution Check-up

If you are beginning to doubt or need some strategies of encouragement and success for your New Year’s Resolution, read on.  This check-up is for you. New Year’s Resolutions can be intoxicating.  As we enter the second week of 2020, some of the glitz and glamor of our New Year’s resolutions is wearing off.  What we want toContinue reading “Your New Year’s Resolution Check-up”

Preparing for the New Year, New Decade, New You

Let’s prepare for a new year, new decade, and new You.   First, let’s get rid of the clutter and create the space for the new beginnings. I’ve been shredding old documents.  Anything older than a year must go.  Old business cards—tossed.  I have one bag left of documents to tackle.   I’ve cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer.  I’ve discovered andContinue reading “Preparing for the New Year, New Decade, New You”