Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. The first steps to eliminating human suffering and struggles are to seek understanding and practice compassion. In the US, 1 in 5 adults experienced mental illness in 2019. That translate into either we, ourselves, have experienced it or we are in probably in close proximity to someone who has. Mental illness stigmaContinue reading “Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay”

Inclusion Idea: The Term “Female Leaders”

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” –Sheryl Sandberg As a woman, I who can’t wait til that future is here. The Female Quotient’s LinkedIn post of Ms. Sandberg’s quote was accompanied with this question “When will the term ‘female leaders’ finally become obsolete?” Translation: what must happenContinue reading “Inclusion Idea: The Term “Female Leaders””

Week 16 Inclusion Idea: We Will Get Busy and Forget About Inclusion

I wrote and published 14 weeks of blogs. Then I forgot to publish Week 15. Then it slipped my mind to even write the article for Week 16. Busyness is a powerful antagonist of inclusion. We are too busy to acknowledge people. We are polite but rarely do we really hold a conversation where weContinue reading “Week 16 Inclusion Idea: We Will Get Busy and Forget About Inclusion”

Week 15 Inclusion Idea: Familial Status

I’m attending my eldest daughter’s wedding. As a mom, she will add wife and stepmother to her list of titles. Today is a reminder that familial status is a diversity dimension that I live personally and experience professionally in my legal career on a daily basis. Here are a few observations. 1. Children in BlendedContinue reading “Week 15 Inclusion Idea: Familial Status”