Preparing for the New Year, New Decade, New You

Let’s prepare for a new year, new decade, and new You.   First, let’s get rid of the clutter and create the space for the new beginnings. I’ve been shredding old documents.  Anything older than a year must go.  Old business cards—tossed.  I have one bag left of documents to tackle.   I’ve cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer.  I’ve discovered andContinue reading “Preparing for the New Year, New Decade, New You”

The 2019 Finish Line

We are 10 days away from the finish line, the closing of another year.  Greater yet, on December 31, 2019 we will say goodbye to another decade.  Before we cross that finish line, let’s take a reflection break.  Set aside 30 minutes.  I’ll  prompt you with questions  about the last 10 years of being you.  You jot down the answers. SetContinue reading “The 2019 Finish Line”

Kids Table At Thanksgiving?

As I begin to think about the turkey and dressing, I began to wonder about the number of families who really do prefer pumpkin over sweet potato pie and how many have a designated kids’ tables their Thanksgiving gatherings. The Kids Table The kids table is where the children are assigned to eat. Usually, theContinue reading “Kids Table At Thanksgiving?”