Lessons Learned From A Great Boss

I’m in the midst of a career transition.  My current boss is leaving at the end of the year. I have had five years of getting to know my boss and we have built a fabulous working relationship.  We are so in sync that we read each other’s mind and emotions pretty accurately.   He has highContinue reading “Lessons Learned From A Great Boss”

Creating a Better Mouse Trap: A Mindset Tool for Leaders

My mom and I have an informal tradition of wrapping up the current year together.  We make vision boards, attend a New Year Eve’s church service, or talk over a cup of tea what the year was like and what we accomplished.  This is our Mother-Daughter time.  Drinking tea Thanksgiving evening as we waited forContinue reading “Creating a Better Mouse Trap: A Mindset Tool for Leaders”

A Small Business Lesson

It’s the holiday season. Billions will be spent and there is consumer demand for handcrafted, novelty, and niche items from small businesses, vendors, and independent consultants-owners. My Teenpreneurs, aka my teenaged entrepreneurial granddaughter and niece, vendored last weekend. They sold $80 in jewelry and with the $40 vendor cost and supplies/inventory of $30, they clearedContinue reading “A Small Business Lesson”

Let’s Get Personal

Let’s get personal.  It’s challenging to share personal information as  we navigate leadership.  After all, everyone does not have the best intentions in their hearts so there are risks when we invite others into our personal lives or make disclosure beyond our resumes. Everything in my upbringing goes against the public sharing and exposure.  “WhatContinue reading “Let’s Get Personal”