Question Our Hearts to Finish Strong in 2018

We entered 2018 with the  intent to achieve the highest and most beneficial outcomes on a personal, interpersonal, and organizational levels.  We work hard to get to those outcomes and we have 85 days and approximately 6 hours left to fulfill on our commitments.  Let’s finish strong.  Take out our journals, vision boards, and listsContinue reading “Question Our Hearts to Finish Strong in 2018”

Creating A Success Mindset

“Be as you wish to seem.”  Socrates Being is a state of mind.  We get stuck when we cannot imagine a different circumstance than our current circumstances and we act in ways that align only with the current limitations we are experiencing.  We have a default survival oriented thought process when we are stuck.  SurvivalContinue reading “Creating A Success Mindset”

Creating Intergenerational Workspaces

Currently there are four generations in the workforce.  I am blessed to work with them all.  I am challenged to work with them all as well.  –Zen B. Brown During the typical week, we as leaders confront dress styles that challenge our sense of professionalism, and we confront strong resistance from our workers with theContinue reading “Creating Intergenerational Workspaces”

Getting Our Brag On

We are not surprised that negative thoughts occupy our minds more frequently than positive thoughts.   Worry, doubt, fear and inner criticism are a part of the natural wiring of our brains. Most of us brush off compliments and feel uncomfortable talking about our accomplishments. “You look nice today” is usually followed by a self-deprecatingContinue reading “Getting Our Brag On”

Leading With Integrity

Google has over 100 million results for “Leading with Integrity” and that demonstrates how often we associate the word “integrity” with leadership. But as a Leader, I want a more concrete definition of “integrity” than “doing the right thing when no one is watching” and want to distill the 100 millions perspectives into something usableContinue reading “Leading With Integrity”