Without capable leadership so many projects get stuck. The key is to have a meaningful message and take actions that teams earn the listening and support of others. Inspiring Minds trains leaders and offers team coaching to build highly functional teams. The evidence based tools and best practices are the excellent core for retreats and strategic initiatives.

Where there are people, conflict is inevitable. Conflict in the workplace is real and it does not have to be a destroyer. Inspiring Minds offer conflict resolution training to help leaders and team members face and resolve issues in a peaceful, productive manner so business is not hampered by gossip, pettiness, and other internal gripes and complaints.

VISIONING AND STRATEGIC REDESIGN AND TRANSFORMATION The business model with 100 year old brick building with minions doing mindless tasks is obsolete. The need for agile work environments and engaged employees is a must. Let Inspiring Minds guide you to creating or redesigning your workplace strategies to attract, retrain, and promote a multi-generational engaged talent pool of leaders and team members. You need more than a good mission statement.

MISSION Inspiring Minds provides leadership and organizational training for firms and organizations that want engaged employees and productive work environments. Inspiring Minds is for firms and teams that desire to make a difference in their industries.

Zenell Brown, the principal of Inspiring Minds, Inc. trains, facilitates, and coaches in the areas organizational diversity, dispute resolution, and communication. As a lawyer, mediator, speaker, and novice artist, she brings an eclectic blend of best practices and lessons learned along with vision board and other creative experiences to her seminars, workshops, and keynotes. By engaging right brain, left brain, and the whole person, she guides individuals and teams on their paths of entrepreneurship and leadership. Connect with herand enjoy a regular dose of inspiration through her blog Coach2Zen.com.

Let’s build something together.

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