Week 16 Inclusion Idea: We Will Get Busy and Forget About Inclusion

I wrote and published 14 weeks of blogs. Then I forgot to publish Week 15. Then it slipped my mind to even write the article for Week 16.

Busyness is a powerful antagonist of inclusion.

We are too busy to acknowledge people. We are polite but rarely do we really hold a conversation where we are genuinely interested in what the other person is saying. Don’t believe me: after a loved one finishes talking how often do you paraphrase their thoughts to ensure you got their important points or how often do you ask clarifying questions?And that’s with people we care about.

We are so focused on pushing an agenda forward and getting things done.

We don’t have time for things that get in the way or slow us down. Practicing inclusion slows us down. It’s not an innate skill or ability that comes natural to the wiring of our brain. There are not incentives or awards or demerits and punishments every time you do or do not include someone. There may not even been enough social support to keep us interested, motivated, and engaged in inclusion. We can fake Inclusion at the office or limit inclusion to workplace interaction. Isn’t that why many company purchase stock photos? We can punch out at 5pm and leave inclusion on our desk until the next workday.

For me, even with all intentionality and deliberation, I did not write my Week 16 Article. I became too busy to write about inclusion. And, the upcoming weeks are pretty jammed too. Will Week 17 make it to print?

Honestly, I can’t make a promise for that or at least, I can’t say when. I’m not throwing the towel in. My goal is to write the article because I think we all need to share thoughts on inclusion— stories, tips, lessons learned, new science, etc. But what’s even more important is to live and practice inclusion. I choose the living over the writing. Busyness required I prioritize but not give up what’s important to me.

I want inclusion outside of my workplace and even off the page. I most want to live it—have all types of interactions across the dimensions of diversity. I want to learn about others from different background, be respectful, and make world resources and happiness available to all. I may not have ample time to write about on schedule, but I never want to be too busy to live it.

Here’s Week 16’s article with a promise of more to come but no promise of exactly when…

Until then spread inclusion wherever you go even after 5!!

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Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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