Week 12 Inclusion Idea: Dealing With Stereotypes

Inclusion Idea Week 12

I am a stereotypical African-American middle aged, Christian, menopausal, urban born and raised, woman with 4C hair named Zenell.

Any broader stereotypical description does not fit as well. In fact, they are uncomfortable as shoes that are too big. Who I really am gets lost in them. Who I am is the intersectionality of all of my identities. And, I keep acquiring identities. Most recently, my marital status changed to widow. That quick and unexpected change has definitely transformed me and added another layer of complexity to who I am.

I am sure I am not the only one who does not want to get trapped into a world of stereotypes. Shoes that are too big hurt!!

Unstereotypical Court Executive at the Michigan Supreme Court

A stereotype is our elementary beginning point to understanding someone from another identity. We must realize that a stereotype is a monolith that does not fully apply to any individual of that identity. When a person does not fit the stereotype, do not think that person is an exception or a special kind of Black person, Gay person etc. Call your self back in and remember each person is a intersection and layering of identities and we need to get to know them at that level.

Check out: https://youtu.be/WYerKidQGcc

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