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Inclusion Idea Week 2: Talk Shop

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With all the hype around diversity and inclusion, we are now noticing and hopefully having more conversations with work colleagues of color and colleagues from underrepresented groups. This week make sure you engage include diverse colleagues in conversations other than workplace diversity. Talk shop.

Talking shop is a mutual opportunity to learn how each other are handling the new work challenges.

Here are a few conversation ideas:

Share what you are working on and ask what they are working on.

Email a work related article that you read, highlight a thought or two and ask what they think.

Ask their opinion on a work proposal.

Appreciating the whole being of a person means seeing their race, ethnicity, and other diverse identities, as well as their work skills and talents. Conversing and listening about work is one way to do that.

By getting to know the work and work ideas of diverse colleagues, we create opportunities. These opportunities challenge our stereotypes of who knows what and should be in what positions. These opportunities prepare us for more inclusive mentorships, sponsorships, and collaborations.

As individuals by talking shop to those of other races, genders, ages, and abilities, we help to build a more inclusive workplace.

This week’s Recommended Resource:

How to find the person who can help you get ahead at work | Carla Harris

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