Blogging: My 2021 Commitment

I haven’t blogged much this year. However, I have written a lot. I wrote and published many posts and published articles and a book. I’ve made more than a few short entries that could have been posted as blogs, but I found that I lacked commitment and dedication to take those steps. I felt that blogging did not fit in my 2020 identity of who I wanted to be. It was definitely something I felt I could do. I had proven that in 2019 and when I first posted. In 2019, blogging excited me.

The Excitement Wanes

The excitement began to wane. I didn’t like editing. I didn’t like the tech parts to post the blogs. Moreover, I did not like the lack of responses. I never found a niche topic. I was interested in so many things: Artist dates, diversity, uplifting others, and the list goes on. I never quite found my community.

Blogging just was not 2020 Zen. I did not identify and resonate with blogging to maintain a long term commitment. I even shared with my close friend how I felt that I was falling out of love with preparing a Sunday morning blog. But I never shared my feelings on paper and got clarity. Our relationship went on a hiatus even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

It is unfair to leave this relationship unsettled as we head into a new year. It’s complicated. Blogging was that first small step —the initial public exposure, the willing vulnerability that ignited my passion for telling more stories. Blogging opened the door for other writing. I am grateful for blogging, but I am not a blogger. I am a writer who may blog when that feels like the appropriate platform.

My 2021 Commitment to Blogging

Afternoon Writing Break

Hence for 2021, I’m not making any promises around blogging. This may be my last tryst with blogging or If I go onward, I don’t know how often I will post or if it will be on one topic or hundreds. I want my self-expression and freedom to be who I am as a writer. That is my priority and the vision I’m willing to lean into for 2021.

By the way, my book is Coffee and Conversations: Inclusion and Belonging. It’s available on Amazon. You may order copies at

Coffee and Conversations Book Cover

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