A Personal Inventory Project

The beginning of the year is a good time to take inventory of who we are: our likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses. Our personal inventory can remind us or offer insights into our values and what we really want out of the next 12 months and help us chart our course. JJ was willing to share his personal inventory with us today. JJ and I share a mutual interest in volunteerism. We’ve worked on projects serving the homeless and recognizing Women’s History. And, we also share a mutual liking for sparkling juices. I hope you leave this middle-schooler a few words of encourages and I hope he inspires you to grab a pen a complete your own personal inventory.

JJ’s Personal Inventory Project

I believe I have a lot of personal strengths. I am really good at Social Studies, and I like it. I play hockey and I’m great at that also. I’m well liked, and I have a group of friends. All of these things make me the person I am.

I wouldn’t be where I am right now if I didn’t have the support of my parents and grandparents. With their help they made me into a leader, and set me up to make sure that I always do my homework, so I get better at subjects in school. Even though I may not like ELA, I am still pretty good at it. One thing about ELA that I like is reading, I’m always ready to read. 

In my free time I like to play video games. I believe that’s a strength because it ups your reaction time and lets you unwind. I also become better at reading and listening because I have to read subtitles and follow the story by listening to characters talk. I believe relaxing alone is a strength for me because it allows me to regain my energy by doing what I want to do, and not having to worry about the needs of other people.

Eating is a strength for me because it allows me to get my nutrients, especially when I eat delicious food. Having a balanced diet is a strength for me. I love to eat vegetables and meat, especially steak. I love to have steak.

I have a lot of strengths and some I’m able to capitalize more on. When I capitalize on my strengths, I gain confidence in myself and I’m able to do some things I wouldn’t if I didn’t have those strengths.

Meet JJ

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One thought on “A Personal Inventory Project

  1. JJ, as a friend of your mother’s, I think you have great strengths in cooking and cleaning! You are a very well rounded and good young man!


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