The 2019 Finish Line

We are 10 days away from the finish line, the closing of another year.  Greater yet, on December 31, 2019 we will say goodbye to another decade.  Before we cross that finish line, let’s take a reflection break. 

Set aside 30 minutes.  I’ll  prompt you with questions  about the last 10 years of being you.  You jot down the answers. Set your timer. 

The Questions

What are you most proud of?  

What was your most memorable experience?

What hasn’t changed about you in the past 10 years? 

What was your greatest lesson of this decade?

My Answers:

I’ll share my answers and I even found a few pictures to add to story. 

Q.  What are you most proud of?

A.  I love this stage of my life—empty nesting, my relationships and communities, my career, and my opportunities to provide leadership and team development trainings.

Q.  What was your most memorable experience?

A.  Paris, New York, Naples, Chicago, and LA.  Traveling and seeing new places.

Eiffel Tower

Q.  What hasn’t changed about you in the past 10 years?

A.  I still love alone time.  I love to read and write. I still struggle making the right food and exercise choices.  I need a life hack for that.

Q.  What was your greatest lesson of this decade?  

A.  If it’s not fun, don’t do it.  Fun and enjoyment belong in every aspect of my life. If I can’t laugh and smile, it simply is not worth it.  

Hanging out with Fearless Girl in NY
Fun at the Michigan Hall of Justice

Q.  What 3 words personally define the last decade for you? 

A.  Learning, Listening, and Teaching.  I earned additional credentials, hired personal coaches for physical health and career, and launched my leadership speaking and training platforms.

Now, I’m ready to cross the finish line of 2019.  See you in 2020 for the Victory Dance!

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Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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