An Idea to Still Create The Life You Want for 2019

At the start of 2019, what promises did you make to yourself?

What life did you plan on creating?

Were you going to change your health, wealth, or career?

How well did you do?

Was is unbelievably easy? If so, Congratulations! And share some pointers.

Or did the motivation wane and something knock you off your square?

I didn’t reach all my goals. Nutrition and health have been my on and off 2019 roller coaster ride. Wrong food choices, no exercise, late night snack—all of these derailed me. I know better but that’s not the same as doing better. If you are like me and fell short on some 2019 goals or resolutions, before you smack yourself —remember today is a new day. There are 51 days to lay a foundation and a pathway to our goals and resolutions before the year ends.

It’s not too late to create the life we want for 2019. Let’s S.M.A.C. and hack ourselves instead.

A S.M.A.C. is a small, specific, measurable, attainable, consistent activity that brings your actions and your word into alignment. Your repeated actions —S.M.A.C.s—move you forward to your 2019 goals and resolution. S.M.A.C.s mean you are in action of doing better with a mindset of being better.

So for the next 50 days, immerse yourself in small things to be and do better: affirmations, visioning, experiential artist dates, prayer and faith based exercises, professional coaching, training, journaling, professional therapy, growth-mind set exercising, small atomic habit practices, yoga, meditation, behavior and diet detox, 30 day challenges, accountability partners . . .

Select a strategy that allows you start where you are right now stress-free. Design a small, specific, measurable, attainable, consistent activity fits your need, and your style and willingness right now. Block out the time on your calendar for your mind set and activity.

Last month I accepted 30 day clean eating challenge, I walked away may be 15.9 ounces lighter, but I eliminated caffeine and started taking my daily vitamins. These are small wins and I’m getting closer to my goal if being and living heathy. This month I re-upped my monthly yoga subscription and my sauna visits. I plan to make my way to the studio or sauna at least once weekly.

What makes the S.M.A.C.s effectiveness is designing my own life hacks. Life hacks are strategies adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in more efficient and easy ways.

I stash vitamins in my purse, car, and desk eliminating any excuse not to take them. My yoga mat and clothes are in the car and I have a 7pm class. With that handled, I can continue to enjoy staying at work a little later by myself, not fight the evening traffic to make a 6 o’clock class, and stop on my way home.

Well designed life hacks also increased benefits. Yoga and saunas naturally increase your desire to drink water. Because of the time of my yoga class and the relaxed state of mind when I leave, a simple salad or soup meal works. In the sauna, I can even create my blogs.

Don’t Forget The Rewards.

A well designed hack also has rewards. We love gold stars for a job well done. Small, immediate, personalized rewards will give you motivation and gratification. The reward must not undermine or detract from your good work. A bag of large chips after each workout is not a good reward for those pursuing health and nutrition. My go to rewards are socks and books.

So now you have an idea of how to still create the life you wanted for 2019. How about it? We are living the 314th day of 2019. How will you S.M.A.C. and hack and create the life you want?

My books for keeping my commitments to myself

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