Talk to Yourself

If you are stuck and not achieving your 2019 goals ask yourself: “Is the Ego or Intuition driving my internal dialogue?”

The neuroscience shows the Ego drives most of human dialogue as we are wired for survival.  Survival means keeping us safe and sound.  And that’s it —a base existence.

Survival is like having a black and white television and having to move the antenna around to even get a clear picture.

If you have a black white picture, I bet you are yearning for a colored, high definition one. I bet there is even an urge to not just watch beautiful colors but to experience them first-hand.

For me, reading about and seeing the Eiffel tour and the Fearless Girl statute just weren’t enough.  I needed to touch and feel them.  So, I did.

The secret to success was to switch my internal dialogue.

How to talk to yourself:

📌Thank the Ego.

Thank the Ego for making sure you have gotten to today safe and sound.

📌Inform the Ego.

Let you Ego know that you need the other partner Intuition to take the lead.

📌Assure the Ego.

Intuition respects the work Ego has done, will preserve it and build upon it.  The Ego can then let go and let the Intuition get in the driver’s seat.

Now shift your focus, and ask and answer the questions from your Intuition.   Let’s make it easy and just ask yourself: “What goal matters most to me?  What would I do to achieve it if I knew I could not fail?  What will be the impact on me and others when I achieve this goal?”

📌Commit to finishing at least one outstanding 2019 goal.

📌Then take one action that aligns with your answer. Then another.   Repeat each day, finding and completing 1-3 tasks.

📌Be Deliberate and Intentional.  Be enthusiastic.

When enthusiasm wanes, ask your intuition questions again and  just keep your commitment, your word, your promise.  Complete your daily tasks.

There are 94 days left this year.  You still have time to hone in, focus, and achieve 2019 goals.

Be bold and post your responses in the comments.  My 2019 goal is to inspire people to live their lives fully.  Post your goal and I will cheer you on to success.  Encouragement is free!

I look forward to hearing from you and celebrating your success!


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Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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