Back In Session

School is back in session, and I am back from my blog break. My focus for next 12 months: I will share a monthly blog, I will continue to share the space with guest bloggers, and I will continue to seek ways to make a positive impact in my areas—leadership and administration.

Welcome back and please share this blog with your friends and colleagues and see the other ways to connect for leadership inspiration.

This week I have the honor of speaking to a class of college students preparing for internship. We will discuss multigenerational work environments, workplace rules on dress code and social media, and life balance. One of the key take-a-ways for the students is the tips for workplace success and it is applicable to all ages and all stages. Take a look!

7 Tips for Being Successful In the Workplace

1 Build positive relationships and communities. Find mentors and sponsors. Attend professional development.

2 Be authentic.

3 Be Inclusive. See YouTube video “Inclusion Begins with ‘I’ as a reminder.”

4 Be respectful of the work rules and discuss relevant change.

5 Resolve Conflicts. Have the difficult conversations. Share your facts, tell your story, ask an open ended question, and listen for the other perspective. Resources: Mediation training, Vital Smarts Crucial Conversation training and tools, and Restorative Practice training.

6 Be prepared and on time.

7 Practice Self-care and Life balance. Schedule 1 hr weekly and something big at least annually. Practice Ideas: Vision Board, bullet journaling, and Artist Dates.

As a bonus, I also suggest the following good books.

Top Books for Work and Life Success

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown and Choice Theory by Dr. William Glasser as people, especially busy attorneys, search for life balance.

How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker, and the Little Black Book of Success by Elaine Brown, Rhonda McClean and Marsha Haygood for leaders who are interested in their success as well as the success of other leaders.

So what are your thoughts on these materials? And, how was your summer?

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