Everything Ain’t For Everybody

I’m finishing  “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma.  The premise is “Own your morning.  Elevate Your Life.” A 5AM wake up with a vigorous workout, and then time for creation and reflection is an outline to becoming a Legendary Leader.

I choose to modify my 6 AM wake up to 5:30 AM  rise and shine time.

Why not 5 AM?  Sometimes old folks’ wisdom prevails: “Everything ain’t for everybody.”

8FCB5B7E-706D-451B-AE37-C99ACB18C9C5(My Zen Morning Vision Board circa 2015)

I love my morning routine; it serves me.  I respect all those who get up 5 AM and get their workout in. I have even lived that life previously.  Although I realized some great benefits, I never realized peace and joy like I do now.  I can adjust to an earlier 30 minute rise and will use that additional time to create.

As Leaders, we lead best when we experience peace and joy and lead from that place.  There is no one time fits all.  We must choose what works for us.  Once we rise, we need physical, mental, and spiritual time to set the compass for the day.

The 5 AM Club provides a great outline that will work for many to become legendary leaders.   It’s an outline.  The Billionaire even alludes to this when ask if a person only needs to rise at 5 AM five days each week.  Remember, there is a lot of great information about leadership available, but the greatest and best information is knowing who we are individually as an authentic leader and selecting the tools that best serve us in that capacity.

I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment.

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