Owning Our Mornings

I’ve shared snippets of my morning rituals in prior blogs.

I am enjoying a read titled The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma.  It reinforces the importance of rising early and morning rituals to set the tone for the day.

One of the main characters, The Billionaire  often repeats, “Own your morning.  Elevate your life.”  He reveals this is the secret to his success and the pathway for the most effective leaders.

While my coffee in bed, mediation, journaling, and positive affirmations feed my soul and allow me to power up for the day, each person should rise early and practice their individual self-expression that leads to the feelings of ownership.  Ownership is the confidence and certainty needed to begin the day and to handle whatever it has in store like a champ!

For the past 5 months, Jeannette’s morning began with a 5:30 rising and a swim at the local Y.  Today, she will complete her first triathlon.  I applaud her and cheer her to victory.  She owned her morning, and she will own that competition.

I don’t know what  specific advice The Billionaire has in store for me, but I wait to adopt or adapt to feel even more charged to face whatever challenges await me outside the door.  I invite you to join me and read The 5 AM Club as we continue to seek as leaders to own our mornings  and elevate our lives.643E7F5F-C075-4F36-A074-2787FCEEBFBB

“Elevate” View of New York  from the Empire State Building (2018)

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