Leaders Say “Yes!”

Today I had the pleasure of celebrating Father’s Day for the second year in the row with Jeff Collins and Dr. James Collins.

Jeff and I had similar work responsibilities  while he served as the Deputy County Executive for Wayne County.  His dad, Dr. Collins, is 93 years old ironically was my husband’s pediatrician.

The leadership lesson they personify is “Say Yes When Asked to Serve.”

Both of their careers have been built on a life of service. Jeff as a lawyer and former judge. And Dr. Collins as a physician and teacher.

Last year, I asked Jeff if he and his dad would served on a Father’s Day guest panel.  The event was to raise funds to help restore historic club of Detroit Association of Women’s Clubs.  Jeff quickly accepted.  Although the local news only aired a brief clip, Jeff shared many important fatherhood lessons Dr. Collins had imparted to him.

Jeff has also served over a decade as the organizer of a summer camp trip for inner city youth, saying yes and giving an opportunity for all to experience the great outdoors.

Today, Jeff and Dr. Collins said yes to being the replacement speaker and the Father’s Day honoree respectively at Plymouth United Church of Christ.  Dr. Andre Young was unable to attend and Jeff stepped in to share his message “Don’t Worry. I Got You.”  He interwove his story of how Dr. Collins was an unwavering influence and presence.  Dr. Collins was never  went on hiatus during his fatherly duties no matter the circumstance.  The Congregation appropriately stood and applauded.

At the end of service, I made one request.  “Jeff, may I share the footage from the 2018 Father’s Day Brunch?” Of course, he said “Yes!”  So take a moment to enjoy the clip and other pics.  Happy Father’s Day!

Also a special Father’s Day acknowledgement to Monroe Colvard (age 102), the Collin’s men, Louis Allen,   Richard Smart II and III, .NickHood III, Dave Mabone, James Brown Sr., Donald Tensley, Joe Nichols, Hon. Robert J. Colombo, Hon. Virgil Smith, Ron Ruffin,  and James Brown Jr. F2D76103-35E5-4CF0-BCCC-D7E444C6C1CE

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