The Best Year Ever!

I love it when young people describe an event as “The Best Ever!”

It’s June 2, 2019; it’s mid-year.  This week I acknowledged my 2019 successes and realized I had to recalibrate in some areas to achieve my best year ever by December 31, 2019.  I want to spend more time in the legal community, more time work on leadership training, and more time with family and friends.  Thus, I had to clear my calendar of some other commitments that were on my calendar.  I also sent out follow up emails and placed phone calls to get my needed dinner plans, trainings, meetings, and conferences to get some idle things moving. Honoring my financial goals, I wrote membership checks and followed up on money due to me.  I’ve spent the last eight hours writing a court leadership article for publication.  I felt like I was cramming and writing mid-term essay.  But I completed a good first draft.  This weekend I created lists and have been getting my world in order.  I’m readying my path for the next six months—the second half of “My Best Year Ever!”

Starting with you, I’m wishing that 7 billion people across this earth have their “Best Year Ever!”   Where are you with your goals?

Here’s a mid-term check in and some direction for next steps to accelerate your pace or to get you unstuck.

Part I: Stop and access.  Journal 10 minutes.

What are my 2019 leadership goals?

Where have I  spent my time?

Where have I spent my treasures?

Part II: Success. Journal 10 minutes

What have I achieved so far?

What has been the impact of my accomplishments on myself and others?

How will I celebrate my successes?

Part III: Redirect.  Journal 10 minutes.

What different choices will I  make about my goals, my time, and my treasures?

What will I do to make sure I keep my commitments to myself regarding my goals, my time, and my treasures.

There are no grades for this mid-term check in, but do not cheat yourself out of the opportunity to assess, celebrate, and move forward in “Your Best Year Ever!”D85B1724-FEB8-4BE6-9E63-F17331DA1CB1

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