Reflecting On Busy

744EEBF3-1828-4582-BAF6-91D84F1D5767“Busy” is the pat answer we usually share when someone asks “How was your week?”  But do we stop to reflect if that is accurate? Are there more options than “Busy”? Let’s mindfully reflect. 

This week I had a lot on my plate to accomplish.  I helped organize an annual brunch, attended a celebration for women leaders, prepped for an upcoming presentation with a co-presenter as well as attended a work outing, two women’s leadership discussions, and a business chamber function.  These were additions to regular items I handled at my desk and office.  So was I busy?  

I had a lot to do but I was mentally, physically, and emotionally present at each event.  I intentionally created my calendar and rescheduled needed items to attend the remaining events.  At those events, I enjoyed the people; I connected and engaged with new people and enjoyed the company of those I already knew.  I appreciated the discussions, conversations and poetry shared.  I reminisced and planned forward in the flow as I purchased books from budding authors, created displays, and proudly watched a shy team member stand before a crowd to deliver prayer. I got to celebrate my mentors and meet aspiring leaders.  

I fulfilled on my commitment to create opportunities for young people. My team member brought her 11 year old to take photographs at the brunch, and my niece was there hostessing, arranging tables, checking coats, and serving as deejay.  I arranged to host a vision board gathering for one attendee’s  youth organization as we shared goodbyes.

 As a non-sports enthusiast,  I enjoyed the work outing to the Detroit Piston’s Game featuring the Bad Boys’ 1989-90 champions’ reunion.  I recorded Isiah Thomas on the big screen at the Piston’s game.  As the crowd’s applause and cheers escalated,  he shed a few tears as he waved and smiled.  Like him, I was moved by love, support, and community this week.  I felt energized, connected, and humbled to be a part and to bear witnesses to my week. I was one ripple in the ocean —impacted and impacting.

So was I busy? The time slots on my calendar were blocked, but nothing felt rushed or hurried.  Nothing was done haphazardly.  Everything was kept at its essence—simple table arrangements, simple programs, and no unnecessary pomp and circumstances to overshadow the human connection. 

“How was my week?” I fully engaged with all my being.  I was a part of bringing value and being of value.  I was conduit of connection and community.  I ended the week satisfied physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My week was better than busy.  It was full.  And, I hope yours was too. 


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Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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