Leadership Spring Cleaning

As we approach spring, we clean, renovate, and update our physical environment.  We can use that approach in our leadership as well.  We need to discard some things,  as well as organize, brush off and re-engage others.  Truthfully, some things need a complete overhaul.

Here are a few suggestions to get us started:

  1. Organize that collection of business cards.  At the various business and networking events, we mindlessly collect business cards and stuff them in our purses or suit jackets.  We need to identify the ones we need.  Schedule coffee and lunch dates with the needed contacts and toss the rest.
  2. Review our business stationery and promotional materials.  If we need a fresh look,  now is good time for that investment. Business card, headshot, resume, website, and newsletter options continue to increase in most industries.  (My review has me adding photos with blogs. )
  3. Let’s try something new to break up mundane winter routines.  For example, rethink how we conduct meetings.  A Walking meeting is when we actually walk and talk through ideas with our colleagues.  We get away from our desks and get a little exercise.   It can be a stress reliever and way to get outdoors.  I can’t wait for 70 degree weather to walk and meet in the revitalized downtown area.  A new practice to replace a worn out routine that is no longer working awaits those who are willing to take a small risk to try something new.
  4. Let’s complete those dream projects.  There’s nothing more reinvigorating than pouring our efforts in something that motivates us.  Let’s give these projects some time and attention. 

Let’s not limit the months of spring to cleaning to our homes and physical environment.  Let’s clean, organize and renovate areas of our leadership  and prepare to be in full bloom.

F8041E45-2208-4C91-B058-9DC42F9EEAC4Wayne State University Courtyard —In Full Bloom With Historical Leaders

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