“Let’s Break Some Glass!”

 “Let’s break some glass!” is a call to action for the female collective to assert  their way into leadership opportunities.  Women leadership continues to lag and to be an exception in many fields.  “Let’s break some glass!” is a continuing departure from the traditional wait for an invitation to have a seat at the leadership table.  Foremost, it is a call for women to be courageous to self-nominate and self-promote our accomplishments and our readiness for leadership opportunities.  

Some women were born courageous and for others, like me, we have to define and develop courage.

Defining Courage:

Courage is the ability to do something that is frightening.  Courage means acting and not being paralyzed by fear.  Courage involves taking a risk because a certain result is desired. And pursing that result outweighs our fear.

Developing Courage:

A woman must know what her desired result is and feel that it is valuable and worth pursuing although she may be afraid of taking action. Many contemporary writings stress that having a life purpose or knowing “Your Why” will give meaning and value that equips one to action inspite of fear.  Science suggests that one can engage the brain and act in 10 seconds or less by counting and then asking  a reflective question like “ What do I really want?” in this circumstance.  I’ve had success with both methods and have been releases from the flight, fight, and freeze tendencies that want to cripple me.

As humans are relational beings and women are arguably more relational then men,  women may also use relationships as a way to develop the “Let’s break some glass!” courage.   Positive and experienced role models, teachers, and supporters can show the way and encourage forward action.  Women Lawyer Associations, American Medical Women’s Association, and other  professional organizations.  I belong to several and fulfill the hopes of finding and being a role model.  Sometimes courage is delivered in a email or text from another woman.  

And sometimes, it is from the mouths of Millennials:  LAUREN SIMMONS, the only woman trader on New York Stock Exchange floor shared, “I think if more women were risk-averse and they took the chance, you would see a lot more women breaking glass ceilings.”

Women, “Let’s break some glass!”

As always I invite your insights.  I thank all the men who have been allies and help increase leadership opportunities for women.  And for women, feel free to join the Women With Wisdom and Courage on Facebook for a daily post of encouragement.

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Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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