The Leadership F.A.S.T.

The new year is a great time to fast and to get your life on track.  I suggest a 30 day Leadership  F.A.S.T as a way to get on track and get things done.  F.A.S.T is an acronym for 4 leadership essentials:  Focus, Action, Specificity, and Time.    I shared the F.A.S.T. at the end of  2018 with a small goup and enjoyed great results so I am sharing it now and ask for your feedback.

Let’s look further into what the Leadership F.A.S.T requires.

F-  Focus on what you want to achieve, on what you are willing to work for, and on the needed relationships that can further your desires.  One key relationship is an accountability partner who will call you out when you are not fully committed to following through on needed actions.  (Depending on the size of your project and availability of financial resources you may want to employ a professional coach to hold you accountable and offer guidance.)

A-  Action: ask your self what essential actions must you take to accomplish what you want in 30 days.  Ask yourself if and why you are committed to taking the needed actions you have identified.  Finally, ask yourself whom can ask or enlist to help get the actions done.

S-  Specificity:  identify specific tasks needed to complete your project or yield the needed results. Also specify who will handle each identified task if you are enlisting help from others.

T-  Time:   For the next 30 days, on your weekly calendar schedule a date and time to complete each identified  task. Each task has a date and specific start and stop time on your weekly calendar. Each Sunday is a check-in date with yourself and your accountability partner:  you take account of what you accomplished, identify actions you must take the upcoming week, and schedule those on your calendar.  Share your progress and your plateaus with your accountability partner or coach, and adjust and then get back into action.

For example, I have to fulfill on a commitment to schedule a intergenerational leadership event for women.  My accountability partner is my co-chair for the event.  My responsibilities for obtaining the location, handling the promotion, and contacting speakers for the panel have been broken down into tasks that are scheduled with dates and times on my calendar.  My co-chair will receive an update each Sunday until the event occurs.  I have had some challenges, but I have called my partner for help and adjusted my tasks as needed.  I’m back in action and see the finish line.

There are many  planners you can purchase with systems based on the basic premise of manifesting desired results, but you can just as easily use your Outlook calendar, your smartphone’s calendar, or an inexpensive planner.  I’m using my I-Phone’s calendar and a paper planner syncing them together.  The planner has motivational quotes, has space for my creative doodles, and has more emotional charge for me than just dates and times offered on my phone’s calendar.  Whatever tools you choose, the end result is to write down what you want, dedicate and schedule time to take the actions to pursue it, and to have a system of accountability for your actions in place.  

Join the Leadership F.A.S.T and produce the results you want in the next 30 days.  Let me know how it works.

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