Prep List for 2019

 As I wrote my last minute Christmas shopping  list, I also put together a list of last minute leadership items for 2019.  I’ll share the latter with you, and give the former to my husband. 

Leaders 2019 Prep List:

Update professional headshots: these can be used for Linked-In profiles, business cards, and email signature lines. You should have current photos you love.  If not, hire a professional photographer and get some.  

Update bios:  add new accomplishments and add that new headshot on your bio too.

Update networks: you met some folks in 2018 that you wanted to get to know better.  Did you have coffee or lunch with them yet? If so, schedule your first 2019 coffee or lunch date.  If not, email them an article or info on an upcoming conference of mutual interest with an invitation of a specific time to share conversation and coffee.  Networks require connections; reach out and stay connected.

Review social media presence: If you are like me, you manage Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram, and Blog accounts.  Which ones have been helpful?  Which ones can you shut down?  What are your plans to learn more about the ones you use?  There are free resources, books, and classes to help.  

Prepare the 2019 reading list and the planned seminars and professional development lists for yourself and team.  Start moving forward on these items.  You still have time to purchase a book off the list so everyone can have it and read it by January 1st.  

Like my Christmas list, this list also is not exhaustive. I look forward to hearing what’s on your list.  Leave a comment and have a wonderful holiday season.

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