Question Our Hearts to Finish Strong in 2018

We entered 2018 with the  intent to achieve the highest and most beneficial outcomes on a personal, interpersonal, and organizational levels.  We work hard to get to those outcomes and we have 85 days and approximately 6 hours left to fulfill on our commitments.  Let’s finish strong. 

Take out our journals, vision boards, and lists of resolutions and goals.  It’s time for a heart to heart with ourselves. 

On a blank sheet of paper, answer the following questions: 

*What matters most to me? What do I want? What do I need?  We often find we want a lot and need much less.  Our wants also seem to be more for immediate, short-term pleasures like wanting and eating ice creams. 

*What will have the greatest positive impact on myself and others?  We are prioritizing the answers to the first question and will select 1-3 items to complete by 12/31/18.

*Who are my partners, teachers/mentors, coaches, and supporters?  They are my Tribe.  Have I given them access to me to help me? How will they be enriched by helping me?  Call a tribal meeting today.  Share your selected items, what the impact will be if they are accomplished, and how the Tribe can help.

*What bold actions can I take in the next week that align with and get me closer to my desired outcomes?  Bold means something beyond your ordinary actions.  Research and talking about what I want don’t qualify.  Each Sunday write those bold action items down.  3-5 bullet point items are fine.  (The limit reduces overwhelm and procrastination.) Text or email copies of the bold actions to my Tribe and provide a weekly update via call, text, email.  Identify milestones for October, November, and December.  Also identify rewards for reaching milestones that align with habits that support your commitment.

I am in the race too.   My two items are to facilitate The Aspiring Leadership Workshop and to complete the Domestic Violence Awareness Project, “She Is Someone’s Daughter.”  Specifically, I am designing and delivering a leadership workshop for 10 participants.  I am selling 100 Domestic Violence Awareness t-shirts,  collecting and distributing over 500 purses during the December holiday to survivors and service providers,  and  am hosting an intimate community awareness event.  I  joined Emem Washington’s Finished Strong Mastermind -2018 Facebook group, I have my closeknit tribe of 20 years, and I have work family and others who are inspired and invested.  I am energized and motivated.

On our marks, get set, go!

I’m running the race with you and cheering you on! Let’s finish strong.

Published by Coach2Zen

Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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