Creating A Success Mindset

“Be as you wish to seem.”  Socrates

Being is a state of mind.  We get stuck when we cannot imagine a different circumstance than our current circumstances and we act in ways that align only with the current limitations we are experiencing.  We have a default survival oriented thought process when we are stuck.  Survival means we meet our base needs; creativity and fulfillment reside at a higher level.   Success is at a higher level.  Success means we are creative, fulfilled, and we support others in their pursuit of success as well.  How do we get unstuck when everything around us confirms and support that our current limiting circumstances is all there is?

Getting unstuck and moving toward success requires a different state of mind.  With a different state if mind poverty, racism, and other “ism” are not life sentences dooming us to failure.  They are challenges we reached beyond, help others surpass, and help dismantle.  To succeed,  we create a state of mind that is receptive to and moves toward success.   And then the set point for our minds becomes success inspite of setbacks and challenges.

Creating a Success Mindset

·         Take Inventory.    We experience our surrounding with our five senses.  Inventory who and/or what are part of our sensational experiences:  sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.  Identify whom and what reinforces our limitations and what expands us beyond our limitations. Then we can create our individualize plan for success.

·         Detox:  We need to remove the toxic people and things we can from our experiences, and for those we cannot remove, we need to reduce the frequency, duration, and intensity of the interactions with them.

·         Escape: Escape our current limiting realities at least 20 minutes daily.  Physical escapes and mental escapes allow us to access peace of mind.   Peace of mind opens our imagination.  In the peace of mind state, we feel peace toward ourselves and others.  From our peace of mind, different thought patterns and emotions emerge. These support success. 

·         Affirm success through thoughts, feelings, and actions.  The more frequently and more intently and intensely we think, feel, and act to affirm success we create more opportunities for success.  We will create habits and patterns engage our senses and move us toward the success we desire.  These habits and patterns become our mindset.

A Success Mindset faces challenges and persists.  It becomes part of the core of our being  allowing us to be whom we wish to seem.


As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well as we have the conversations to inspire minds and transform lives and organizations.


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Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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