Getting Our Brag On

We are not surprised that negative thoughts occupy our minds more frequently than positive thoughts.   Worry, doubt, fear and inner criticism are a part of the natural wiring of our brains.

Most of us brush off compliments and feel uncomfortable talking about our accomplishments. “You look nice today” is usually followed by a self-deprecating or deflecting remark or a quick “Thank You.”  Our goal is simplistic: shut the topic down and move on.  Aren’t job

interviews 30 minute sessions where we are put under bright lights and expected to self-promote?  Few of us look forward to them and even those who interview well do not necessarily loves being interviewed.  

Bragging on ourselves can help.  Most people can use a little bragging to help build self-esteem and self-confidence and few are at risk of becoming unbearable narcissists.  First, we need to create a Brag Book. 

Here are the steps to follow to get started:

Purchase an old fashion photo album or a scrapbook.

Locate copies of your degrees and pictures from events that celebrated your accomplishments.  For example, copies of positive work performance review, certificates of appreciation, certificates of completion and recognitions, and thank you notes and acknowledgments given to you by family, customers, friends, and organizations you value.

Write your personal manifesto and insert this as your foreword.

Select the pictures, awards, documents and certificates you want to include and add those in your book.  Insert them in your Brag Book.

It is important to put as much energy into creating your brag book as you would in creating one for your first grandchild.  Go overboard and don’t hold back.  

Once you are done, take some time to review your completed Brag Book.  The awareness should set in that you have made so many contributions and made positive impacts in your life and others’.  Now, find a special place to keep your Brag Book.

It’s not a daily read, but you should try to review and update it quarterly or at least as often as you would update your first grandchild’s

after he turns 1 year old.  

There are two additional times you want to grab the Brag Book, no matter what.  Your Brag Book is a go to prepare for interviews.  You need to become comfortable speaking about your accomplishment so get familiar and comfortable with all that you have contributed.  Role play the interview and incorporate your accomplishments.  Practice. Practice. Interview.  Second, the next time you are feeling low, grab your Brag Book;  it’s better and less caloric than a chocolate bar.  It will help you balance your perspective and help improve your thoughts and mood.

Let’s get our Brag on! 

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Leader. Facilitator. Inspiring minds and building a leadership community by sharing skills and talents with Zen, the presence of balance, equanimity.

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