Doing Big Things

Part II:  How We Get Big Things Done!

We have affirmed and nurtured our Commitment Statements for a week. If our Commitment Statements inspires or moves us, we know  these are our Big Things to do.  We know they will impact us and those we care about and love.

Let’s get started on Part II: How We Get Big Things Done!

Planned Intentional Action is the energy behind Doing Big Things!

What does Planned mean?

It means being prepared.

We identify our needed resources, actions, and time schedules.  An essential resource is a viable Support Network.  We must choose our people carefully.  We choose people who believe in us and support our Commitments.  When Supporters learn of our commitments, they cheer us on, work side by side with us, and lend their talents and resources.   Their energy ignites us and keeps us moving forward.  Supporters will even hold us accountable.  They push us to Do Big Things even when we want to give up.  If a person does not meet these criteria, that person does not qualify for the Support Network.

As for actions and time schedules, we prepare to be at specified places at specific times in relation to the ultimate fulfillment on our Commitments.   We identify the necessary actions that must occur to keep us on point.  It also means being prepared to address the barriers.  The toughest barriers are the ones we create ourselves—procrastination, doubt, and self-sabotage—and we have to know ourselves well enough to break out of these traps.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What does Intentionality mean?

“Nobody finishes well by accident.” ~John C. Maxwell

It means we makeup our minds and let nothing change them.  We resolve. We have a laser sharp focus.  We are purposeful: we drive west by driving west!  We set our compass and monitor how we are progressing.  We eliminate things that do not move us closer to fulfilling our Commitments, and we focus on and repeat  the kind of things  that do.  No time for Haters or distractions.

“Human intentionality is the most powerful evolutionary force on the planet.”  ~George Leonard

What does Action mean?

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”  ~Pablo Picasso

Action is work and movement.   It is doing what needs to be done. A best practice is

to identify from your plan what needs to get done from week to week and to write those specific items in our daily schedules and set alarm reminders to alert us when to get started.  Otherwise, it is easy for us to loose track of time or forget to take needed actions.

Repeated consistent actions in the right direction will get the Big Things done.  Although we tend to value large actions, we should not discount small actions as they still keep us on point and build confidence, help build a bias toward action, and may create habits that allow us to operate on automatic. Futhermore, small actions are easy to complete when we face overwhelming challenges.  In those times, we can ask ourselves, “What one small thing can I do right now to move forward?” The answer may be to ask a supporter for help.

Robyn’s Safe Encounter programs continue to grow.  She calls upon law enforcers, judges, and elected officials who share her concerns and will help with presentations.  Last year, she was able to present before multiple high schools during a Michigan Supreme Court session.  She has been honored by the National Bar Association for her work.  As she continues to move forward, communities, schools, and courts are also investing in implicit bias training and restorative practice training which complement her work and reduces the risks of fatalities in routine police encounters.

Doing Big Things is not easy, but when we plan, are intentional, and take consistent actions, success follows.  Let’s Do Big Things!


Steve Zaffron & Dave Logan’s “The Three Laws of Performance”



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